BAM is an audacious team of communication specialists with offices in Berlin, London and Copenhagen and extended teams in Paris and Amsterdam.

Collaborating with a global network of cultural pioneers, game changers and misfits, we traverse worlds to create evolving conversations in the spheres of art, technology, architecture, design, and fashion. We act as identifiers, curators and mediators between high-profile brands, cultural institutions, visionary and heterodox networks, international communities to generate dialogue, and push the boundaries of culture.

Not limiting ourselves to our daily work and what we have achieved in the past has enabled us to constantly grow, learn, and break into new uncharted territories.

At BAM we’ve come to believe that communication is where creative minds unite to produce new identity codes and shape immersive experiences.

Through research and sampling, the boundaries of communication are endless and we can transform visions into realities.

Listening to our partners and collaborators is always key.

By creating a fluid platform for dialogue, exchange, and investigation we can make a contribution to the vast field of contemporary culture.

We don’t shy away from risks and controversy – they’re our main motivation.

At BAM we’ve realized that integrity, loyalty, and honesty are our driving forces.

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